8 Times Beyonce Wore African-Inspired Looks And Slayed!

Style isn’t something you’re born with. You either have it, or you don’t. But in Queen Bey’s case, this isn’t something she has to worry about. Let’s face it, Beyonce is a “jill-of-all-trades” and everything she touches (or puts her mind to) turns to gold. She’s a mommy-mogul, wifey, entrepreneur, and a super mega star – so a typical day for her must be a hectic one. What time does she have in her day to make sure her style game is on point? Well yes, that’s what a stylist is for, but it takes a fashion-forward person to be bold enough to co-sign and acknowledge style inspired from a different culture.

On several occasions, Beyonce has caused a frenzy on social media within the African community over some of her style choices. She has been a longtime fan of West African fashion and even payed homage to African women and culture throughout her Lemonade visual album.

We’ve compiled a list of eight times Bey wore Ankara print and totally slayed!

1. When she wore this hot pink Ankara-printed bow tie skirt by Stella Jean.



2. When she mixed and matched prints from top to bottom for this look by Reuben Reuel.


3. When she was spotted in this ‘Comandante’ ruffle dress by Stella Jean.


4. When she donned this bubble-sleeved Ankara dress in her “Lemonade” video by Nigerian designer – Maki Oh 


5. Her “Coming to America” Queen Aoleon of Zamunda costume by Reuben Reuel


6. When she jetted off to St. Tropez with Jay in these high-wasted Ankara shorts by Boxing Kitten.


7. Effortlessly chic in the ‘Africa Leaders’ Jersey Dashiki by Ron Bass.


8. When she rocked this Ankara jacket and pencil skirt number by Reuben Reuel.


Comment your thoughts below and let us know which looks are your favorite!

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