Chameleone gets hit with divorce papers after accused of beating

Afrobeat star rejects divorce publicly

Ugandan Afrobeat star Jose Chameleone took a huge hit to his popularity as it was announced that his wife Daniella Atim has filed for divorce. In the filing, Atim alleges that Chameleone beat her and their four children repeatedly, and verbally threatened her life at times. The filing says that the mistreatment began around 2013, five years into their marriage, and that she would veil herself in public to hide bruises. The magistrate at Nakawa Court has given Chameleone 15 days to respond to the accusations before the marriage can be annulled. This appears to be the culmination of a rocky ending to a 9-year relationship, since reports came out several weeks ago that Atim had run away from home after finding that Chameleone was cheating on her. Those same reports said that Judith Heard, a Ugandan socialite and a close friend of Atim’s, convinced her to return and attempt to reconcile, but with the recent divorce filing, it appears that the marriage is unrepairable.

While Chameleone has yet to respond legally, he posted on Facebook that he is unreceptive to the idea of a divorce. “What God put together, No man shall put apart!! We are not Angels so no one is perfect,” he wrote in an effort to justify the errors that Atim has alleged in the filing. Chameleone in a subsequent post stated flatly, “Regardless of what is spreading around we stuck together so they should know. There shall be NO DIVORCE as reported.”

It seems that Chameleone has been aware this was a possibility for a while, as he put “#TEAMNODIVORCE” on an Instragram post ten days ago in which he, his wife and children were eating frozen yogurt together. As recently as Monday, he commissioned a portrait by popular Ugandan artist Andrew Ainamani, known locally as Prince Andrew. He posted the portrait of him and his family on Facebook.

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