Daliso Chaponda begins UK comedy tour after Britain’s Got Talent showing

Malawian comedian finished in third place

Malawi-born standup comedian Daliso Chaponda will begin a tour of the United Kingdom in Exeter later in June after finishing in third place in the 2017 final round of Britain’s Got Talent, one of the United Kingdom’s most popular televised talent competitions. He missed out on the 250,000 pound cash prize for the first place winner, but finishing third in a final group of ten is impressive enough for the comedian. Pianist Tokio Myers won the grand prize, but his third place finish earned him a deal with a management group that promises to guide his budding comedy career on the right path.

When the preliminaries began in early May, the judges on the show gave Chaponda the Golden Buzzer, which gave him an automatic trip to the competition’s semifinal round. His first performance also earned a standing ovation from the audience. His final set included jokes about how the adopted African children of Madonna and Angelina Jolie are his brothers and sisters. One of the jokes that got a bigger laugh during the performance was, “People say, ‘I miss the good old days’, but the good old days were terrible. ‘Oh, we’ve got it amazing: We’ve got WiFi, we’ve got rights, women can vote.’ I’m black; 200 years ago, this would’ve been an auction!”

Chaponda has lived in the United Kingdom for 10 years and has made several appearances at comedy events in South Africa, Kenya and his native Malawi. In Malawi, he is more famous as the son of former Agricultural Minister Geogre Chaponda, who was forced out of his post for alleged corruption charges related to a deal with the Zambian government. He began performing comedy in earnest while in Canada, and later honed his craft in Australia and Singapore. Chaponda is also a playwright and a writer.

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