Detroit Lions NFL Player Running Football Camp in Native Ghana This Summer

His dream is to bring American football to Africa

The dream of Ezekiel Ansah, Ghanaian-born American football defensive end for the Detroit Lions of the National Football League (NFL), is to bring the NFL to Africa.

It’s a sport that has made him millions and now, while he hasn’t been able to bring the NFL to Ghana, he’s doing the next best thing – launching the Ezekiel Ansah Foundation in Ghana.

His plan to hold a football camp this summer to grow the game saying,

“We’re really going to start from scratch…Some videos…There’s the pros and cons of the game and just continue from there.”

Ezekiel Ansah Foundation Facebook

He goes on to say,

“Here in America, there’s always football camps or soccer camps and these kids go starting at a young age. I’m just trying to do the same thing for my people.”

Ansah started his foundation earlier this year to help promote physical education in his home country and give the children of Ghana more realistic opportunities for the youth. He has also adopted a children’s hospital in Accra to try and improve resources as well.

Watch the his speech and launch in Ghana of the foundation.

In addition to this foundation for Ghana, he gives back in other ways in U.S. from donating water bottles during the Flint water crisis to donating money to impoverished children that want see a Detroit Tigers game.

Youngest of five children, Ansah arrived in the United States and tried to walk on to Brigham Young basketball team as a power forward after watching his brother play basketball in Ghana.  He never made the basketball team, but BYU football found him.  He appeared in 31 total games registering 72 tackles before moving onto pro football in 2013 playing for the Detroit Lions.

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