Get To Know Kayode Ewumi, Nigerian-British Actor Behind The Internets Latest Meme Craze

The millennial generation we live in is one where conversation is now vastly controlled by meme’s. It’s impossible to scroll through your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter feed and not see a funny picture meme that has been refurbished multiple times to give different relatable messages that we often times think of and experience but never really say. And if you are not heavily on social media to consume it, chances are you received it in a group chat or on a personal text message thread with a friend. Welcome to the digital age!

Right after the #SaltBae meme’s started to die down, a new one emerged of a young black man giving a slight side-eye with a finger pointed at his head. Yes, I know you’ve seen it. And the man in the picture is very real. His name is Kayode Ewumi, and he is a 22-year-old British-Nigerian actor, singer and comedian from London. Kayode was born and raised in Elephant and London, where he still lives.

Growing up as a child, he had a very big imagination, “I enjoyed being in front of the mirror and making funny voices. I was always present – I wasn’t away with the fairies – but I had my own world.” He tells BuzzFeed. Kayode was also very active on vine (when it was a thing) and his uploads consisted of smart and affectionate shots at British things like gangster films, soaps and low-budget grime videos.

His most notable work in his acting career is a funny docmentary (or mockumentary as he refers) called “Hood Documentary”, where he plays a character called Reese Simpson aka RS aka “Roll Safe”. The documentary shows the life of an aspiring rapper (RS) and how he and his friends challenge the idea of what it is to be a young black man in London.

Here’s a short video clip of where the popular meme originated from:


You can watch the first “Hood Documentary” episode here:

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