Ghana rises, Burkina Faso falls in latest FIFA world rankings

Egypt remains top African nation, hanging onto the top 20 in the world

Ghana was one of the biggest gainers in the latest FIFA Top 100 rankings, rising four spots to 49th place. In the process, Ghana remains in the top 10 among African nations. The highest ranked African nation on the list is still Egypt, who were slotted into 20th place. While top among African nations, this slot marked a slip from their previous ranking in 19th place. Senegal moves up three spots to reach 27th place in the world, and second among African countries. Cameroon and Nigeria remain steady at 32nd and 38th place respectively, making up the third and fourth best nations in African football. The Democratic Republic of Congo rounds out the top five African nations, remaining in the 39th spot.

In sixth place is a tie between Tunisia and Burkina Faso for 41st place. Burkina Faso was one of the biggest droppers in this update, falling six spots to tie with Tunisia and no longer be a top five African nation. Ivory Coast finished 47th in the world and eighth among African nations. After Ghana in ninth place, Algeria rounds out the top 10 with a 53rd place ranking.

Other notable appearances in the bottom half of the top 100 include South Africa and Mali, which got 65th and 66th places in the world. Further down, Kenya has the 74th spot. All the way down, Mauritania was the largest free fall, leaving the top 100 entirely after being in 91st place in the last rankings. Meanwhile, Madagascar made its entry into the top 100, appearing in the 97th slot.

All the way at the top of the rankings, there was very little change. In fact, no team in the top ten rose or fell compared to the last time FIFA released world rankings. Brazil is still in first place, with Argentina, Germany, Chile and Colombia making up the world’s top five.

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