Meet Anthony Oluwafemi Olaseni Joshua – The New Heavyweight Champion of the World.

Joshua beat Klitschko to become the United Heavyweight Champion of the World.

A10  Salutes Anthony Oluwafemi Olaseni Joshua. 19-0. World Champion!!. “I’m not perfect but I am trying. If you don’t take part you’re going to fail.” Africa10 – It was all a dream! #heavyweightclassic

Anthony Joshua had to think coming into a fight against the 41 Wladimir Klitschko that this would be a tough but winnable fight. After hitting the canvas, he had to have his doubts. Joshua bounced back from hitting the canvas to winning the Unified heavyweight title against Klitschko. Klitschko remains the last of an era that included Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis and His Brother.

By beating Klitschko in dramatic fashion , Anthony Joshua is not just the Heavyweight champion of the world. He is the only premiere fighter in his division. The title is now his to lose.

Anthony Joshua’s full name is Anthony Oluwafemi Olaseni Joshua. His parents are of Nigerian origin. Anthony Joshua just stated that 6 months in a Nigerian Boarding school toughened him to the point that he could endure these obstacles.

See clips from the fight that made him the World Heavyweight Champion Below.

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