Queen Elizabeth II announces African Young Leaders 2017

Industries of healthcare and economy highlighted

Queen Elizabeth II has announced the 59 recipients of the Young Leaders Award for 2017, and 25 of the recipients are from Africa. Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and Uganda are the most represented nations in the list, with three recipients a piece.

One of the most interesting recipients is Chaikhwa Lobatse out of Botswana. She lost her leg to cancer, but despite her disability, she is a passionate supporter of healthcare in the country. She currently works at an oncology clinic providing support to fellow victims of cancer. She was worked in Botswana’s Ministry of Health for two years

From Malawi, Virginia Khunguni was honored with the royal award. Khunguni has worked as a journalist for five years, and currently serves as the brand ambassador for the Youth Alert Project, an initiative aimed at increasing sexual awareness and promoting preventive measures against teen pregnancy and HIV. Her project is working on establishing support centers in the rural areas of Malawi in an effort to provide support to victims of domestic violence and undereducated women who need career and life guidance.

From Namibia, Hilda Nambili Liswani and Nyeuvo Amukushu will be awarded by the Queen. Liswani studied in England before moving back to Namibia, where she now runs a consultancy firm. Her business provides important support to Namibian infrastructure in education, financial services, urban planning and research. Amukushu is a rising investor in Namibia, working towards the establishment of a venture capital fund. In the meantime, she is teaching at local schools about personal finance and offers volunteer services to the Harambee Sustainability Programme, which is focused on improving society’s environmental impact.

One of the youngest recipients is Demien Mougal from the tiny island nation of the Seychelles. Mougal, only 18 years old, is the chairman of Youth Action Movement, a non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting sexual education aimed at the youth.

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