Romelu Lukaku will sign with Manchester United

Massive repercussions for Everton, Chelsea

Manchester United has agreed to a 75 million pound deal to acquire Romelu Lukaku from Everton. This is a huge windfall for Manchester United, who had been targeting the 24-year-old Belgian striker of Congolese descent this entire summer. While the fee has been set, Everton says that the deal has not been finalized yet; Manchester United hopes to get Lukaku ready in time for a preseason trip to the United States on Sunday.

Lukaku has an interesting history with Manchester United’s current manager, Jose Mourinho. It was Mourinho who was in charge when Lukaku was sold by his then-club Chelsea to Everton back in 2014. This offseason, while there were rumors about Lukaku wanting to return to his former club, there was also speculation that he would be hesitant to join Manchester United because of previous history with Mourinho. Lukaku’s agent Mino Raiola is considered a strong influence on Lukaku’s decision, as three of his other major clients (Paul Pogba, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Henrikh Mkhitaryan) also signed recent deals with Manchester United.

Lukaku scored 25 goals with Everton in the Premier League last season. Due to his impressive performance, Everton had presented Lukaku with a 36.4 million pound deal earlier this year, but Lukaku declined the offer. At the time, he said, “I don’t want to stay at the same level. I want to improve.”

Now that Manchester United has acquired Lukaku, they are now expected to focus on their second major target in Alvaro Morata from Real Madrid. Lukaku’s signing follows the recent acquisition of Swedish center back Victor Lindelof from Benfica, who required a 31 million pound fee. Meanwhile, Everton is engaged in talks with Manchester United to acquire forward and British legend Wayne Rooney. Meanwhile, Chelsea has to recover, as they had also identified Lukaku as their main tagret this offseason. They are now expected to go after Alvaro Morata or Andrea Belotti as fallbacks.

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