Victoria’s Secret Model – Grace Mahary, is Bringing Solar Energy To Homes in Eritrea

Being a supermodel is quite the job to admire. You get to wear expensive clothes, wear glamorous makeup and fly all over the world for a living. However, the job can take you to some not-so-glamorous places. Like third world countries for examples, where you may be scheduled to do a photoshoot or booked for a fashion show. So, in your career, you get to see and experience many things. Some of those things may be life changing encounters that push you to make changes in your life.

This was the case for Victoria’s Secret Supermodel, Grace Mahary, who is a first generation Canadian of Eritrean descent. After a trip back home to Eritrea for the first time as an adult, Grace became inspired to take on a new project. Project Tsehigh (pronounced se-hai in Tigrinya, translated as “sun” in English) is created to provide sustainable and renewable energy solutions for communities around the world with limited access to clean energy.

In an interview with, Grace said she constantly experienced power outages throughout her time in Eritrea.

“Most of my stay was in the capital, Asmara. But even there, we would go through power outages [and] you never know when there would be electricity running. You’d be in a cafe and boom, the energy’s out. Going in the villages and the rural areas just highlighted it even more. Not only are they off the grid, they don’t even have the opportunity to have electricity.” 

The first of many goals on Grace’s list is to install solar panels in the home of 100 families living in the rural town of Maaya. She hopes to provide solar energy systems to each home which will consist of one solar panel per household, three light bulbs, a battery and an extension chord that has the ability to charge a small electrical device like a cell phone.

Grace says that fundraisers are her main course of action to raise funds for this project, where she has an initial goal of $20K. Last month, she held a charity SoulCycle class in New York to create awareness and raise money. Grace’s ultimate goal is to power schools, homes, hospitals and farms throughout Eritrea with solar energy so they can fully live and enjoy the lives they deserve.

Visit here to donate to Project Tsehigh.

See below for images of Grace’s SoulCycle charity event!


Pedaling for a brighter future for all 🤗💡🌍♻️🔋 #projecttsehigh #cleanenergy

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