Yaya Touré goes off on referees for miscalling out-of-play

Lost goal results in loss for Manchester City

Yaya Touré was furious with the officials tasked with Manchester City’s 2-1 loss to Arsenal in the FA Cup semifinal on Sunday. Touré, one of Ivory Coast’s biggest representatives overseas, was particularly incensed at referee Craig Pawson, who ruled that Leroy Sane’s cross that resulted in a goal for Manchester City was out of play. Replays later indicated the decision was incorrect. Sergio Aguero, who made the presumed goal, was also critical of the decision for not receiving a penalty earlier in the game. Aguero’s goal would’ve put Manchester City ahead, but because it was annulled, the team had to go into extra time, where they gave up a game-winning goal by Arsenal.

“If we have to talk about referees, people are going to say we complain, but when we see the highlights, it is very disappointing. Maybe on Thursday, we are going to have a better referee or maybe play without a referee. I’d prefer that,” Touré said after the game. Touré was an ardent supporter of Aguero’s criticism that a penalty should have been awarded to him earlier in the game, as well as the cross staying in play for Aguero’s goal.

While Manchester City’s FA Cup hopes are dashed, they are now shifting their attention to their upcoming Premier League match. Manchester City will face their rival, Manchester United, on Thursday. Manchester City needs this, as they are currently in fourth place and could sink to fifth if Manchester United wins this match. “It is a very big game, an important game. We have to do that job and we will see what can happen,” Touré said in looking ahead to the match, without giving out another dig: “We hope we are going to have a good referee.”

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